Interface and motion design at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, The University of British Columbia.

UX & UI Design
Art Direction
3D Design & Development

Cynthia Girling
Ron Kellet
Rory Tooke
Nikki Ng

The Challenge
Working with accomplished designers and scholars was enlightening. We distilled complex ideas into interfaces, in exploratory projects geared towards educating people on climate change and renewable energy.
Climate and Community
Bringing 3D visuals to the web for students to learn about how the built environment effects climate change.
The public face for elementslab at UBC, We updated typography, layout, colour and interactions to match the progressive tone of the lab.
Graphics and web projects focused on renewable energy
The Result
Working on a number of projects at UBC, I  collaborated with some smart folks to build spaces for their work to be seen. I evolved my approach to UI design with their progressive ideas, and learned by absorbing the wisdom around me.

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