Unbuilders is Canada’s foremost deconstruction & salvage company.

UX & UI Design
Visual Direction
Conceptual Design

Luan Jiang
Tamas Busik
Guy Ferguson
Zac Benloulou

The Challenge
Unbuilders does not fall into a conventional "trades" paradigm. They wanted to provide a clear picture of the advantages they offer, showing potential clients how their service differs from demolition, as proud contributors to the circular economy.
Simplifying the message
By increasing colour contrast and adding simple iconography and line drawings, we kept the message clear.
Smooth transitions foreshadow a smooth service
Working with Guy Ferguson, a BC-based photographer, we captured beautiful artifacts of the Unbuilders process.
A Lens on the work
The Result
Working to create a no-nonsense brand, I progressed the Unbuilders voice through minimalist design that connects users to the idea of deconstruction. The smooth and clean website highlighting a motion graphic shows potential clients that Unbuilders think differently.

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Open to longer term commitments. Available in December 2020.