Medeo virtual healthcare changed the way Canadians access healthcare.

UX & UI Lead
Production Design

Camila Serrano
Luan Jiang

The Challenge
Challenging an outdated system that relies on fax machines and other archaic technologies, Medeo addressed an industry that is slow to evolve.  We sought to bring secure virtual healthcare to all Canadians, improving patient care by shortening wait times, offering remote care, and ensuring equal access to healthcare for all.
Designing for Patients First
By engaging with patients, we learned about their pain points with in-person and virtual healthcare.
Wireframing & testing to get to  usable experiences
Prototyping and Iterating
Our process of testing low and high fidelity prototypes both remotely and directly with patients led to accessible, user verified solutions.
The Result
Over a period of 18 months, I was able to elevate the Medeo offering in releases for iOS, web and Android. I loved working directly with patients and healthcare providers to improve usability. Medeo was acquired twice during my time working with this Start-up, and ultimately destroyed.

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