AIOZ is a decentralized network that stored and streams data.

Conceptual Design
UX & UI Design
Art Direction
Design Systems
Prototyping & Motion

Kevin Burg
Zac Benloulou
Luan Jiang
Edmund Teh

The Challenge
The blockchain and crypto technologies that AIOZ is built with are wreak of developer jargon. They needed a balance of technical 'whoa' factor and understandablility. We needed to appeal to a crypto audience, and entice new users to distribute data.
The Future of Storing and Streaming Data
The concept of a distributed network was visualized with an organic, sci-fi feel.
AIOZ Coin : the future of work.
As a proof of concept, we designed an Airdrop app that pays users to watch ads and distribute media data.
The Node App
The AIOZ Node app provides advanced users or 'nodes' the ability to earn tokens for distributing network data.
We designed a streaming service for Android, with all content seeded by the AIOZ network.
AIOZ.Stream for Viewers
The Result
As AIOZ continues to push the boundaries of streaming networks, this progressive app ecosystem will evolve the way we both consume and distribute media.

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