Under the moniker of Coast Digital Studio I produce graphics, websites and apps.

UX & UI Design
Conceptual Design

Luan Jiang
Tamas Busik

The Challenge
Coast Digital is a no-nonsense design service provider. Trying to operate on all budgets, I source and collaborate with other people Ilike working with to produce graphics, websites and apps.
We worked with Ora to improve the brand and customer discovery of subscriptions. We tested UI patterns with real Ora customers to inform layout changes.
A clean, progressive UI that serves a healthy lifestyle brand.
Reanna Evoy
I created this "minimal with a touch of kook" portfolio page for Reanna Evoy.
Design systems & Web apps
The Result
Operating under the banner of Coast Digital Studio, I was able to design for a wide range of clients and gain experience working with freelance developers and designers, and managing multiple projects.

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