is a streaming service that pays users to distribute media content.

Conceptual Design
UX & UI Design
Art Direction
Design Systems
Prototyping & Motion

Kevin Burg
Zac Benloulou
Luan Jiang
Edmund Teh

The Challenge is building the future of streaming. It gives users the unique ability to consume media content while earning income by seeding its distributed network. AIOZ is built upon blockchain and server technologies that are often cloaked in developer jargon, so we had to strike a balance that showed average users a new approach to streaming, while highlighting this new form of passive income. We marketed party to a consumer audience, while giving advanced crypto users a high-functioning app on the terms that they understand.
Branding and Marketing websites
The concept of a distributed network was visualized with an organic, sci-fi feel.
The future of streaming meets the future of work.
As a proof of concept, we designed an Airdrop app that pays users to watch ads.
Desktop Node App
The desktop app provides advanced users or 'nodes' with the ability to earn tokens for seeding the network.
We designed a streaming service launched on Android, with all content seeded by the AIOZ network.
AIOZ.Stream for consumers
The Result
Over the course of a year, I learned a lot about distributed systems, ledgers and designing for highly adaptive blockchain technologies. I created design systems, prototypes and production designs for the AIOZ ecosystem. As AIOZ continues to push the boundaries of streaming networks, this progressive app ecosystem will evolve the way we both consume and distribute media.

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Open to longer term commitments. Available in December 2020.